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There's an ongoing fill over at avengerkink that I love to pieces but is getting little to no feedback and it's making me fret, I'm not even joking. So this is me spreading the word. I hope you guys like the story as much as I do, maybe even enough to leave the author some love. :D?

The WIP gets updated pretty regularly and updates normally come in nice big chunks. It's a Clint centric fill, Tony's POV, and gen so far but heavy on Clint&Tony. The author says it might turn into Clint/Tony if it feels right; at this point I'd be happy either way (to my surprise; I normally prefer my fic relationship flavored). I don't want to spoil the story too much but basically Clint is a shapeshifter. Terrible things have happened to him because people found out about his ability so he keeps it a secret. The team finds out and after the initial freak-out Clint slowly learns to embrace that side of him, but then his past comes back to haunt him.

Tony's POV is fun (he has the best one-liners), and there are lots of subtle moments between Clint and Tony that are just really enjoyable. The rest of the team are present and involved, too, which is another thing I adore. It's well-written and slow-building and, just... (Somebody give Clint a hug.)


And can I just say that this kind of WIP encompasses all that I love so much about The Kink Meme Experience (which is one of my favorite fandom things ever)? Finding a WIP that you like, tracking it, flailing in your chair when updates arrive in your inbox and then dropping everything to read them, loving on the anon author. Just, yes. <3

eta; As it turns out the author is also updating the story on AO3 as they write! Genus Panthera by harcourt. :D
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I've been following it over on AO3. LJ is so user-hostile for following multichaptered stuff that I just gave up on it.

On AO3 the story is called Genus Panthera and it's a LOT easier to read and to leave encouraging comments & kudos. I"m hopeful that the author is being encouraged enough there to make up for the lack of response on LJ.
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I've got a permanent LJ account and can track, but the thread collapsing and captchas are really inconvenient for me. I strongly dislike having to stop in the middle of reading, so I'd go and uncollapse everything first, which is tedious.

I wish LJ would use something else instead of captchas-- I just found this, and it looks a lot nicer- you get a simple mini-game to play instead of having to decipher blurry letters.

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Thanks for the rec! :D