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My silly, cheesy summer show is back!

Teen Wolf 3.02, loved it. For so many reasons. Isaac, my favorite puppy with the perfect jawline and the single tear of angst. (Can we please have all of the Scott/Isaac? I need it.) Stiles and everything about him, do I even have to mention that. (I'm even warming up to the hair! Le gasp.) Scott knowing the answer to a question and Coach's reaction. Also, COACH!!<3 Stiles and Peter snarking at each other, please continue that forever and ever, thank you. Derek punching through walls. Danny being around, yayayay. PAPA STILINSKI. Lydia and her perfect hair (the screaming no so much, what was that, ouch). Alison and I are still on the outs but I have this pesky problem--staying mad, how does that work--so that probably won't last long. Super sad that Miss Awesome from the first episode looks to be proper dead, and dammit, not Erica too, whyyy. But hey, we got a Cora!! (DEREK'S FACE, WAH.) That should be interesting. And painful. (GLEE.)

Biggest minus: the twins. I... don't get it? It's time they had a line or twelve. Maybe they have really sexy voices?? Lydia and Danny can't both be wrong. I'm on the edge of my seat here.

The wait for new episodes is murder.

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The waiting is painful, right. Ugh. *headdesk* WHAT HAVE YOU REDUCED ME TO, JEFF DAVIS?

I'm sorry, but Derek punching through walls, what. Just. What. THAT ISN'T POSSIBLE, DUDE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

I love Stiles' new hair, ngl. UNF.

I'm so glad Cora is Derek's sister and not another Kate person. YAY HALE FAMILY. Everyone speculated about siblings Derek had, and I'm really glad to see he had younger siblings.