May. 17th, 2017

moonie: (Default)
I'm a bundle of stress today so when the news broke that Netflix is developing and producing a drama series based on The Witcher I was like, yes! and thank you, and had to resist the urge to roll around the floor in a brief moment of happiness. If anyone can turn the Witcher Saga into the kick-ass tv show it's meant to be, it's Netflix. My hopes, they are high. (And yet the pessimist in me keeps chanting, please don't let them fuck it up. I hate that asshole.)

In related news, [community profile] tv_talk is fab. I haven't had time to participate in the discussions but I really appreciate what they're doing with the place. They just posted handy lists of this year's renewals and cancellations for example.

As far as the cancellations go, I will be forever mad about Sweet/Vicious. I realize that it was a miracle that a show like that even made it on the air, but damn it, the world deserved more than one season of it. I'm also very sad about The Catch's early demise, it was delightful and had an amazing cast.

On the other hand, I'm thrilled that Agents of SHIELD and iZombie made the cut as I was very worried about both. I'm also very happy that we're getting another season of Fresh Off the Boat (it's hard to find comedy that's actually funny/entertaining to me), Into the Badlands (a cinematographic and choreographic masterpiece), Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (weird as hell and just as entertaining), Imposters (Maddie isn't good for anyone but hooboy, girlcrush), and... basically every other show I watch because considering *vague handwave at state of the world* I can use all entertainment that I can get.

I can't believe Timeless was cancelled and then immediately uncancelled. I mean don't get me wrong, Matt Lanter has a very nice face that I enjoy looking at very much so yay, renewal! But what the heck happened there?