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» I started working on this year's [ profile] merlinbb_rpf and oh, that feels good. Next up: [ profile] merlin_archives. RL has been a right bitch for months and every time I wanted to get back into it something else happened and I was seriously losing my mind, I felt so guilty. NO MORE. I'm tackling this and if it kills me. >:|

» Please tell me you love Human Target as much as I do. The show is pure, testosterone filled goodness. The writing is solid, the characters snarky and likable (amazingly I count Guerrero among them; tiny, scary but likable) and very sexy action/fight scenes. When they introduced the girls this season I was a bit skeptical but OMGILSA♥. So um, that worked out nicely. AAH LOVELOVELOVE.

» And now I must stop F5ing [ profile] kinkme_merlin and start coding the newsletter. *...F5!* I MEAN. *codes!*

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Glad to hear that merlin_archives is still going. I was wondering.

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Yes,I did leave a comment but since you weren't around much, I figured RL had gotten bad. I must say I'm glad we are continuing it. It will be a great resource for the community.
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Oh, I love Human Target. I haven't had time to start season 2 yet, but I'm glad to hear the new girls on the cast don't ruin the show.

~ sera

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