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» Thanks for pimping the Bradley/Colin Prompt Fest LIKE A BOSS, everyone! I added a master list of prompts and fills yesterday and just updated it. So many brilliant fills alreadyyy. \o/ I also added a note for artists that is worth repeating: there's no need to feel shy. Even if a prompt doesn't ask for art specifically, if it inspires you, go for it! Perhaps your fill will inspire a writer in turn. Ooh, or you could illustrate a fill; leave art as a prompt, even! So many possibilities. \o/

» The Human Target finale was badass. I have so much love for every single character on that show and the writing and the stunts, I can't even. Guerrero is so my favorite, in that 'he kind of scares me, I'm not physically attracted to him, but I need him in my pants right the hell now' way. Guerrero, king of BAMFs, y/y? (For the record, if FOX cancels this show, I will cry an entire OCEAN of tears.)

» Colin's play, Our Private Life, opened yesterday! myfoolisheart posted some super cute pictures of Colin to her Tumblr (#1, #2, #3, #4) and there's a brief report here.
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Colin's doing theatre and I didn't know? Noooo.

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I'm loving the pictures!
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Oh, I loved the Human Target finale! Guerrero is beyond awesome! And you were totally right when you said adding girls to the show didn't kill it. In some ways it's even better now than it was last season.

~ sera

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I LOVED the Human Target finale. I enjoyed that show in the first season, but didn't love it. But then the Pirate came home loving the show and he just had to watch it so we did, and the addition of Ilsa makes me LOVE it.

Guerrero is awesome. and I think you got it exactly right on the not attractive but YES.

yay cute adorable pictures of Colin!!!

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That is the PERFECT encapsulation of Guerrero. Good lord, that guy. Whew.

And as much as I kind of forget how much I love the show every moment I'm not actually watching it, I will be dead sad if it gets cancelled :\

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My love for Human Target is 25% team, 25% Winston, and 6000% Guerrero.

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Can I just say the Bradley/Colin promot fest is a thing of genius.

I just wish I could my brain in gear to join in.

And whee pretty, pretty Colin.

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Colin just killed me. Is there nothing this boy can't do? WHY SO PRETTYYYY?