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Oh my GOD, Doctor Who, why--what--HOLY SHIT.

Last week was sort of meh I thought, but this week I'm ahjgasjkfgskfing all over the place. Matt was brilliant as both Doctors and I'm so excited to see Rory becoming more awesome (taking charge! against Amy's wishes!), and Amy... AMY. I can't believe she wasn't real and that the Doctor melted fake!Amy just like that. I makes sense in a way because this Amy was obviously linked to the real Amy in a way so it's likely that real Amy will have fake Amy's memories now that fake Amy is gone, but, but... ;_;!!!

As far as theories go, I was going with River being the little girl and therefore Amy's daughter. I'd sort of figured her killing the Doctor must fit in there somehow because I couldn't imagine anyone BUT the Doctor being the best man she's ever known. Only I just realize that there's exactly one man who could surpass the Doctor in that way, and that's... her father. Which, going by my theory, would probably be Rory (BAMF RORY KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES AND LOVING HIS WIFE SO SO MUCH).


I hereby declare myself theory-less. Mostly because I don't want to be right (as small as the chance is because I'm never ever right). UGH. I don't want any of them to die for real. I LOVE MY TARDIS OT3, OKAY. D:

Very unimpressed with that whole hiatus business. After next week's cliffhanger of all things! Such cruel and unusual punishment for enjoying both of your shows, Moffat. The next Sherlock episodes better be extra awesome.

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*clutches you* I felt the same about last week's ep - didn't hate it, didn't love it but THIS WEEK OMG. I am so excited and in love with this show and these characters.

I've wondered before about Rory being the best man she knows, because I sometimes feel like it being the Doctor is way too obvious. THIS SHOW MAKRS NOTHING SIMPLE, DAMN IT!

I so do not approve of this hiatus lark.
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I was waiting for the flist to be all abuzz with Dr Who reviews and yet not! Finally, someone lets out that WTF sentiment so I can echo it with feeling. :O

So that's what the quantum pregnancy meant! But-but- if that guy died oh-so-conveniently so that ganger!him could take his place as the boy's father, so he was enough of a person to live, how was ganger!Amy not enough of a person to live? The Doctor, who always gives persons of any species a chance, just melts her like that, knowing what he knows. Yeah, I suppose we're meant to get that this ganger was only a placeholder, but... But. Double standards.

And oh, ganger!Doctor and the swapped shoes. So Amy told the 'real' Doctor that they saw him die?

And bah, I've had the same theory for a while, a couple of episodes ago I think, when they kept pressing hard on what a good man Rory is, and how much he and Amy love each other. And how they keep killing Rory. (Last season they erased him, this time they drowned him...)

I would be very upset with Mr I'm So Clever Moffat.

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I was going with River being the little girl and therefore Amy's daughter.

DUDE. OMG, if River is Amy and Rory's daughter, that would be kind of perfect and mind-blowing although, yeah, I'm going to cry and cry if Rory dies.