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Snow It snowed a few days ago and then again all day yesterday. Everything is white and beautiful and the birdhouse on my balcony is seeing a lot of action. My love for snow is great and I couldn't be happier.

Merlin I gather one of the creators more or less confirmed Arthur and Merlin's epic gay love for each other by way of DVD commentary? Squee! Not that this makes up for years of heartache, but. That's really very nice. :D

Haven One day I will devote an entire entry to telling you how much I love that show and my OT3 and the cast, and you won't know what hit you for all the squee and capslock. This is my advance apology.

Lost Girl My silly guilty pleasure show is back! Oh Kenzi, how I have missed you. She's adorable to the max. ♥ So far I like the new addition to the cast and even Lauren seems to be growing on me, miracle of miracles.

Fringe RIP, show. I remember how it took me some time to get into at the beginning but I stuck with it and then it got really good. It hasn't quite kept up that level of awesome but Fringe has always been a good time in one way or another, and I'll miss all the characters. I can only hope Anna Torv gets another show because she's gorgeous and I'd miss her face, and smile, and hair, especially when it's dyed red, just saying.

Last Resort I can't even tell you how nervous I am about the finale this week. They canceled this show early on but I have no idea if they got to end things properly or if we're going to be left hanging. All I know is that it's going to be intense either way, meep. My body isn't ready.

Health My health woes are still unresolved and it's getting to me. If you have some good thoughts to spare I'd appreciate it.
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Snow! As long as I can enjoy from inside and don't have to drive in it, I love snow, too. :D

The Merlin stuff from yesterday is so happy-making. I think I'm still in a good mood from it!

♥ Sending you so many good thoughts about your health, bb. I hope things start to get better soon for you...
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Hope you feel better soon; I feel ya, I'm having health issues today, myself. Stupid auto immune crap, sometimes it just sucks me dry and leaves me so weak and shaky and irritable, grr. Of the shows you mentioned, I loved Fringe and loved parts of Merlin though I still get angry at all the terribly wasted potential and sloppy, hand-wave writing on that show. For some reason I haven't been able to get into Lost Girl and I like Haven all right but always forget to watch it and then get behind and confused. I'm not on tumblr but need to look up all these epic Merlin gifs from the commentaries pretty much making Merthur canon, ha!
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I stopped watching Last Resort when I heard it was cancelled because I just couldn't take another cliffhanger show. If you can, can you post when you've watched and let us know if it gets remotely resolved? If so, I might go back and watch the whole thing, because I liked it.
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Awesome. I think it's tomorrow? I forget, but either way I'll wait to see :D
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EXCELLENT! I'll go back and watch then. Thank you! :D

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I have plenty of good thoughts when it comes to you. Here are some of them:

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Thinking many good thoughts your way. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time.

Ugh, I want to be home so that I can order all of the Merlin DVDs and watch everything!

One day I will devote an entire entry to telling you how much I love that show and my OT3 and the cast, and you won't know what hit you for all the squee and capslock. This is my advance apology.

Haha, I have been thinking the exact same thing! RL is annoying.

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Lost Girl is wonderful. I didn't expect to see some Bo/Tamsin so soon, that was fun! :D

Good luck with your health issues! *hugs*

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I thought the Fringe finale was very good and I was quite satisfied. I didn't really like the way they moved the whole last season to the future and made it into everyone being freedom fighters, but they ended things marvelously. I'll miss that show, it was always good. I hope to see Anna Torv again too.

Last Resort - yay, someone else who's watching this. I'm really curious about how it's going to end too. It's really too bad it was cancelled although I'm not sure how they could continue the premise beyond one season. I've been enjoying it.

Lost Girl - I've been thinking about check out this show.

*sending good health vibes*

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It snowed here this weekend but only a miniscule skiff of it! So glad you're enjoying the white stuffs!

And HAVEN! I need to play catch up so freaking badly! Did you watch the past few episodes? I've missed so MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm so sorry your health woes are not getting better. That just stinks. <3!!!

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hi there,
I am thinking of you. I keep my fingers crossed that your health will improve soon.

I have yet to see the finale of fringe, and I am watching Last Resort as well.

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I squee about Merlin in my LJ. Canon! :D

I had to stop watching Last Resort after it was cancelled, because I didn't want to go through the heartbreak of watching the remaining eps and being pissed off that it was over. I looooved that show so much and was so sad when it got cancelled. They gave it no chance; it was ridiculous.

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I havwe lots of good thoughts for you *huuuugz*
I hope you figure it out soon,

Haven, Lost girl, Merlin!!!! Oh I miss them already.

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So sorry to hear you're not doing well, health-wise. All the good thoughts being sent your way <3

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I am sorry about your health, though. *hugs* I really hope it will improve soon.

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Yes! Let's hope it stays that way for a while. :D

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I hope that your health improves.

I also heard about the commentary.
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Hee! I keep hoping that S2 of Have will go on sale for just a few more bucks off so my frugal natures agrees with my id that it's a good thing to buy. And I really need to catch up on Lost Girl. Man, I'm at least half a season behind.

Hope the doctors are taking better care of you. Maybe a second opinion will be necessary?