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I have only one thing to say, and I will say it in gifs.


ALL MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE. (Though what happened to get Isaac there broke my heart. DEREK NO.)

Damn it, now I'm tempted to say more about the episode. Like how the Demon Wolf thing made me laugh so hard, then pause because I kept waiting for him to chuckle at his own joke, then laugh harder because OH MY GOD THAT WAS ACTUALLY MEANT TO BE A SERIOUS/COOL MOMENT. God I love this show.

PS The Allison/Isaac/Scott prank was a thing of beauty.

PPS THE TWINS SPOKE. Hmm. I like it? I think? Definitely warming up to them, partly for the lol factor when they join, I admit. Oh Jeff.

PPPS COACH YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. ALSO, ALL OF THE DANNY. Danny has so many lines this season I fear for his life. :/

PPPPS Kali's foot claws make me throw up in my mouth a little every. goddamn. time. I hope she gets killed off soon solely because then I wouldn't have to see them ever again.


I'm running out of Ps and capslock. WHATEVER WHAtever. Teen Wolf <3.

Okay so more like two gifs and a few paragraphs of flailing, ahem.
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I'm really leaning more and more towards Scott/Issac as I love how they interact together. Adding in Allison and I have my first threesome ship for the show.

I'm warming up to the twins and curious to see what happens to them.

I loved Deaton getting involved. I want to see him, Lydia, Stiles and the Sheriff working together to find out who is sacrificing people as I think that would be awesome.
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ahahah demon wolf was the worsttttttttttt. :D

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ahahahah i dunno!!! all the above :D
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I'm conflicted because the twins have hot voices so I'm starting to find their faces less ugly.
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Danny has so many lines this season I fear for his life. :/
Wow, noooo, you shut your head. LALALALALA.

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All the Scott/Isaac and Scott/Isaac/Allison! ♥

Derek is a big bad wolf. >_> Even though he did it to protect Isaac.

Danny and Stiles are awesome! ^__^
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LOL,I posted almost the same gif with my review! Definitely loving Isaac and all the Scott/Isaac this season!:)

SO MUCH DANNY! It's like Christmas!:)

Still can't stand the twins and Cali's foot claws freaking me out,but I do like the DEMON WOLF!

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HAHAHH Your gifs are AWESOME. Altho it looks like the beginning of a porno I saw once. ;)

I loved COACH. HAHHAAHA He's the best comedic relief.

Also, Kali's claws gross me out to the 87th power. I hate them.

And the trio of Isaac/Allison/Scott WAS a thing of beauty.

I'll be there next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

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Jeff Davis is trying to kill is all. *hides Isaac away from the writers*

But I LOVE that Stiles answered the phone "I can't talk now" when he knew it was Lydia calling. So over that crush I guess? Am really interested in what happened to him in the last 4 months.

And I agree about the claw/feet issue. They make me squeemish.

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Someone on Tumblr made a comment about the show that gave me an epiphany: Teen Wolf isn't a logical show, it's just a series of fanfic prompts.

I'm curious to see if Danny learns about werewolves, because unless Jackson let him in on it before he left, he's still clueless. Stiles could tell Lydia that the straight twin was one of the Alphas because she knows the score, but they can't warn Danny as easily.

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Cora's return from the dead is tempting me to do a post called "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Cora?" The idea of her being there is pushing against the logic of (a) those investigating the fire should have counted bodies at the very least, and (b) she apparently ran without ever hearing about the other three survivors, which would have made the local papers and TV news. So many prompts could come out of her very existence.

I think Stiles broaches the subject of letting his father know with Deaton next week. Though it could be he's going to just talk about the three-fold death pattern he's found, and leave the werewolves out of it for now.

I have this feeling the Alpha pack are a total misdirection. The real threat is the "druid on the dark path" who may not have any connections to the Alpha pack, and in fact may be a threat to them, pushing them up against the Hale pack and associates to draw attention away from their own plans.

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this episode, man. it was the stuff my fandom dreams are made up. all the pranks and the OT3ness and THEN THIS. THIS LAST PART HERE IN YOUR GIFS DIIIIIED.