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That 31-Day Blog Challenge looks really attractive right now. Three Teen Wolf reaction posts in a row are just suspicious. You'll start thinking I'm actually in the fandom at this rate. :P

Teen Wolf 306

akjgfkjasgfkjsd that was delightfully creepy. I love Lydia this season! Starting to have doubts that she's actually Team Human, though. Whatever she is, she needs to remain bff with Stiles. I adore their new dynamic.

Speaking of Stiles, how amazing was he this episode? That scene with Scott at the end, just, gah. Dylan knocked that out of the park. I almost cried, it was so, so good.

CHRIS ARGENT IS BACK TO HIS HUNTERY WAYS. \o/ Could've done without Gerard but whatever, hopefully he won't live through the season. *cough*douchebag*cough*

I bet Coach slept like a baby through all the horror, hahaha.

DANNY AND ETHAN. That was, yeah. Whew. (Goddamn it, I'm really warming up to the twins and it's totally Danny's fault. I almost want Ethan to come over to the good side. Almost. Give it one more episode, sigh.)

What's Jeff Davis' obsession with feet?! Don't think I missed that shot, Mister. >:| At least Boyd doesn't have toenail claws. /forever scarred

Isaac. ;_;

And then there was Jennifer. I liked her instantly, you know? And then the bad writing happened. Which I don't mind normally because teenage werewolves but if you're gonna do something like that you could at least try to do it right. Sigh, sigh. Then again, I don't really have a horse in this race and also, at this point I'm pretty sure Jennifer is either evil, doomed to die horribly, or both. Because Derek.

I'M SO GLAD SCOTT'S MOM IS OKAY. Stupid trailer scare. D:

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