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Livejournal says I last updated today, but Livejournal is a filthy liar. Editing to-do lists and fic wips doesn't count, damn it. No, the sad news is that I last updated in July. How.

Nothing much has happened. I'm still watching too many shows, trying to get into Avengers comics, and continue to fail warming up to Tumblr as the new fannish playground (this is so depressing to me I can't even tell you).

In November I spent a long weekend at the sea. Turns out I love the sea, and fresh, salty air, and drinking hot tea on a cold, windy day at the beach. In short, it was fabulous and I need to spend more vacation time away from home.

Around the same time I tentatively took up gaming. It started with Lego's Marvel Heroes, and then the Steam Autumn sale happened and Bioshock Infinite blew my mind, and then the Steam Winter sale happened and I lost two fun weeks to the new Tomb Raider game. :D I'm still playing Marvel Heroes on and off. It's cute enough but I'm bitter that I did the newbie thing and bought it at full price. I had no idea Steam sales were a thing! I'm also playing Skyrim but while the open world thing is amazing, I also find it a little overwhelming. I think linear games are more my thing, at least for now. Frustratingly I'm not warming up to Assassin's Creed as much as I thought I would and am wondering if I should give up on the first game for now and try the second, see if I like it better. My main problem lies with the controls, honestly. I hope they improved those.

I'm also reading books this year. Last year was very much the year of fanfiction and I don't think I read a single book. Not that I'm putting down the fanfiction (pfft) but I already read six books this year and am enjoying my weekend mornings on the sofa. :)
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Hey, it's you! Alive and well. That's good to see. *hugs* :)
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I strongly rec the Ezio games (even if the third is a little meh.) AC1 is almost a demo in comparison. Altair is my favorite, but Ezio's games are better.

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Mine says " Last updated on 2 February" but i only changed my sticky post that day. LOL

Sadly LJ is a dead tool for fandom stuff and i'm afraid there's no way to revamp it. Tumblr is ok, apart from the annoying fact you can't really comment and you have to reblog or something to answer stuff. I still have to learn how to do it. -_-

Have you seen The Musketeers? I like it and Santiago it's sooo charming! :)

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Aside from Santiago, is it any good?
I love swashbuckling movies so maybe i'm biased *g* but it's funny and entertaining and you can ship everyone with everyone. *g*

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Sometimes time apsses to quickly :D

Welcome back!

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The first Assassin's Creed game IS the worst. Hardest to play, and the most dull, IMO. I played it because I was told it set up the plot for the others, which I suppose is true. But honestly, I'd watch the plot on YT or something and then move on to the second game, which is infinitely better. My fave of the bunch is Brotherhood, the third game.

I can also recommend Uncharted for the amazing voice-acting and sequences. Again, the first game is the weakest, IMO, since I'm not much of a shooter and there are a LOT of baddies to shoot (and not in a good way, just in a dreary, oh god is it over yet-way), but the second one has the best beginning of any games I've played.

If you like running around and climbing you should also check out Prince of Persia. There's the "original" ("original", since the original was on PC years and years ago) three which I've only watched others play and years ago at that so I don't feel I can quite say how they are, but they def looked fun, and then there's another "reboot", that has a different take.

Batman - Arkham Asylum is also really really good. Most people like the sequel better, but I liked how linear that first one is and that I don't get accidentally shot by badguys just moving around like you do in Arkham City. And I *love* hanging upside down in the dark ceilings, freaking bad guys out.

Finally (haha, sorry, this dragged on), for PC, I always recommend Monkey Island, both the original games and the newer episodes, because: Monkey Island = <3