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I must have broken up with Peter Capaldi's Doctor about five times now. I keep trying because it's Doctor Who and when Doctor Who is good it is the light of my life. Seriously, good Doctor Who brings me so much joy. But Twelve just isn't my Doctor. Ten was, and I really liked Eleven during the Pond era. Despite Moffat being... Moffat, the first time I really lost touch with Eleven was when Clara showed up. That's funny to me now because I really grew to like Clara towards the end, even though I only watched the show sporadically then. Anyway, all this is to say that I had given up on Twelve yet again, skipping the latest specials, but couldn't resist taking a peek at new Companion in action. I'll be honest: after watching the First Look trailer, I thought she would be horribly annoying. But nope, she's great! Really wonderful, actually. Turns out that was just a really, really bad First Look trailer. (I mean, it had Daleks. Daleks are most emphatically Not My Thing.) So for now Twelve and I are on again. Or should I say, Bill and I are on? Either way, I look forward to the next episode. (Note to self: figure out if it's necessary to catch up with the specials to understand what's up with the vault storyline.)

You know what else happened? Legion happened. I caught some buzz on ye olde Twitter timeline and thought hmm, best check that out. You guys, I knew nothing, I was completely unprepared. I didn't even know it was an X-Men show! I mean I got an inkling at the end of the first episode, but by then my mind had already been blown to confused little bits. I stuck with it though, and it didn't get any less weird, but having finished it a couple of days ago, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. What a bizarre yet awesomely executed piece of TV.
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I LOVE THIS SUPER WEIRD DELIGHTFUL SHOW. I am still blown away by the Bolero sequence, like everything about that was amazing. And then there was Jemaine Clement in his ice cube doing beat poetry, which is when my heart swelled with joy to the point of bursting.
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I kind of fell out of love when David Tennant left - or more accurately, when Moffat arrived. I'll still watch it (although I haven't seen the Christmas episode or this new season), but I really hope the next showrunner will bring back some of the heart the show had when it first came back. That's not to say it's all been bad; I just really loved it during RTD. I didn't mind flatulent aliens! Maybe it was silly, but I loved the show so much back then.
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I kind of gave up on Doctor Who after how the Ponds were done so wrong. I came back a bit for Clara, but even though I liked her, Moffat was just...Moffat-ing all over the damn place and I was done. Eleven is still my Doctor, though. He's the only one I've really connected with.

I've been hearing great things about Legion as well. I haven't gotten around to watching it yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.
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This has been me with Doctor Who. On again and off again but mostly off, and I have yet to watch anything beyond one Capaldi. He is still Frobisher in my head! I heard good things about the new companion so I will give it a whirl, again.

And I love LOVE LEGION!!!

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I have a on/off love affair with Doctor Who. I'm currently in the off side of things but I've been hearing good things regarding the new season, especially with Bill.

My favourite Doctors are Nine and Ten.
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I was so delighted by Legion!
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Wheeee I love Legion. It is faboulously twisty and visually stunning and wonderful and has so many layers of meaning and visual cues. You can watch it over and over again and still find stuff.
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Ooh, those are some encouraging words about Doctor Who. I'm not much a fan of 12 (I didn't even watch the last series until months after it finished), though I was super fond of 11 and 9. But this post makes me want to watch, as I've generally been a fan of most of the companions.
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I gave up on Doctor Who just a few eps into Twelve, so it's been really interesting to hear that Bill is fabulous. I'm looking forward to if you stick with your Who for the rest of the season - it sounds like it might be worth checking out!
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I have managed not to hear all that much about Legion, but I am intrigued... I like a show for thinking, and I haven't had a completely new one in a while. I definitely didn't know it was an X-Men thing or I probably would've made an effort before!

I cannot with Dr. Who, which makes me sad, because above all else I love the Doctor, but...but...yeah. The writing makes me cringe so hard, I can't even try for Bill. Hopefully we'll get into a new era and then I can go backwards once we're done with Moffat stuff!