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I'm a bundle of stress today so when the news broke that Netflix is developing and producing a drama series based on The Witcher I was like, yes! and thank you, and had to resist the urge to roll around the floor in a brief moment of happiness. If anyone can turn the Witcher Saga into the kick-ass tv show it's meant to be, it's Netflix. My hopes, they are high. (And yet the pessimist in me keeps chanting, please don't let them fuck it up. I hate that asshole.)

In related news, [community profile] tv_talk is fab. I haven't had time to participate in the discussions but I really appreciate what they're doing with the place. They just posted handy lists of this year's renewals and cancellations for example.

As far as the cancellations go, I will be forever mad about Sweet/Vicious. I realize that it was a miracle that a show like that even made it on the air, but damn it, the world deserved more than one season of it. I'm also very sad about The Catch's early demise, it was delightful and had an amazing cast.

On the other hand, I'm thrilled that Agents of SHIELD and iZombie made the cut as I was very worried about both. I'm also very happy that we're getting another season of Fresh Off the Boat (it's hard to find comedy that's actually funny/entertaining to me), Into the Badlands (a cinematographic and choreographic masterpiece), Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (weird as hell and just as entertaining), Imposters (Maddie isn't good for anyone but hooboy, girlcrush), and... basically every other show I watch because considering *vague handwave at state of the world* I can use all entertainment that I can get.

I can't believe Timeless was cancelled and then immediately uncancelled. I mean don't get me wrong, Matt Lanter has a very nice face that I enjoy looking at very much so yay, renewal! But what the heck happened there?
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Looking at my journal one might get the impression that the excitement over Captain America 2 killed me, but nope! I'm shipping all the pairings (so. many. pairings), and reading all the fic (♥AO3♥), and fangirling all the Chris Evans actors, and reblogging all the pretty (when I remember to log into Tumblr anyway). I just do it very, very quietly. I mostly tweet these days (under private lock because it's a mix of fandom and personal stuff).

» games Played Dragon Age: Origins. Played Dragon Age 2. Remembered DA:O included all the DLC, played that. Somehow became obsessed with the universe along the way and am now counting the days until Inquisition. So, that happened. /o\ I also played Deus Ex: Human Revolution which was fun (but I used all the cheats because I'm terrible at stealth and have no patience for dying; you see my problem), and the first Portal which was fun until the last level and then upgraded to awesometacular. Oh, oh! And I played Mass Effect 1 which I really, really liked even though the voice actor of male!Shep was hilariously awful. I already own ME2 and ME3 but since the game mechanics are so similar to those of the Dragon Age games I don't want to burn myself out on that before Inquisition comes out. So I'm playing Far Cry 3 right now. I'm not very far in yet but I'm enjoying it so far.

» books After a fantastic start (six books by February!) I hit a snag. Namely Broken Homes, the third part of the Rivers of London series. I don't know what it is, I just can't get into this one. I loved the first two but this book has been sitting on my reading table for months. I need to finish it before starting a new book (them's the rules) but every time I pick it up I just, put it back down after a few pages. I honestly can't tell if it's actually the book, or me. Augh. Somebody chain me down and force me to finish this so I can move on to that Alex Verus novel I've been eyeing.

» television I'm still very much enjoying Teen Wolf. (My secret: don't expect anything to make sense, seriously, just roll with it; don't do fandom or keep up with show news; and don't get invested in any ships. I'm failing at the last one because Malia/Stiles, oh my heart, but that's okay, the first two are the most vital. I basically want to pinch everyone's cheeks, and is it just me or has Derek somehow become super hot this season?) Defiance was really good this season, bit sad that it's already over. I'm also really liking some new shows, Rush (Tom Ellis has never been more attractive), Dominion, and Finding Carter. And there's a new-new show starting soon that utterly charmed me, Forever. The premise reminds me a lot of New Amsterdam, might be a reboot? Anyway, I'll definitely be tuning in. There's more, Ray Donovan, Suits, Witches of East End, ...oh god, and Sleepy Hollow's starting back up again soon, among others. I have no idea how I'm keeping up with all that, gah.

» comics I'm much happier now that I've given up on all that events business. Who needs 'em, bah. Current titles I'm into include Ms. Marvel (so charming!), Hawkeye (I've been having such a soft spot for Clint lately), Captain Marvel (because Carol Danvers, fyeah), Secret Avengers, Daredevil, Deadpool (sometimes I love it, sometimes not so much, currently a lot because they thew him and Clint together and hilarity ensued), Guardians of the Galaxy, Loki: Agent of Asgard (I was the last person to see this coming but this fresh-faced version of Loki is surprisingly fun), aaand I think that's it. I kinda want to try Avengers World (mostly because Clint is really hot in this one, shh) but I'm worried it will crank my frustration with Avengers titles back up to eleven. I also want to try myself at a Spider-Man title. Last time I tried they replaced Peter two issues in which nope, but I hear he's back now? Spidey always made me chuckle in Avengers books so maaaybe it's time to give that another try.

So there. That's what up with me fannishly. Bit of a mouthful but hey, I updated! That's one off the to-do list. ;)

Yes, I somehow find time to real life in between all that. Ahem.
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Who saw Captain America 2 yesterday? THIS GIRL.

Here be spoilers. )

That um, got long. I'm just really excited okay? Okay.
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That 31-Day Blog Challenge looks really attractive right now. Three Teen Wolf reaction posts in a row are just suspicious. You'll start thinking I'm actually in the fandom at this rate. :P

Teen Wolf 306 )
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I have only one thing to say, and I will say it in gifs.

Teen Wolf 3.04 )

Okay so more like two gifs and a few paragraphs of flailing, ahem.