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Who saw Captain America 2 yesterday? THIS GIRL.

Here be spoilers. )

That um, got long. I'm just really excited okay? Okay.
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There's an ongoing fill over at avengerkink that I love to pieces but is getting little to no feedback and it's making me fret, I'm not even joking. So this is me spreading the word. I hope you guys like the story as much as I do, maybe even enough to leave the author some love. :D?

The WIP gets updated pretty regularly and updates normally come in nice big chunks. It's a Clint centric fill, Tony's POV, and gen so far but heavy on Clint&Tony. The author says it might turn into Clint/Tony if it feels right; at this point I'd be happy either way (to my surprise; I normally prefer my fic relationship flavored). I don't want to spoil the story too much but basically Clint is a shapeshifter. Terrible things have happened to him because people found out about his ability so he keeps it a secret. The team finds out and after the initial freak-out Clint slowly learns to embrace that side of him, but then his past comes back to haunt him.

Tony's POV is fun (he has the best one-liners), and there are lots of subtle moments between Clint and Tony that are just really enjoyable. The rest of the team are present and involved, too, which is another thing I adore. It's well-written and slow-building and, just... (Somebody give Clint a hug.)


And can I just say that this kind of WIP encompasses all that I love so much about The Kink Meme Experience (which is one of my favorite fandom things ever)? Finding a WIP that you like, tracking it, flailing in your chair when updates arrive in your inbox and then dropping everything to read them, loving on the anon author. Just, yes. <3

eta; As it turns out the author is also updating the story on AO3 as they write! Genus Panthera by harcourt. :D
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First off, those 2D Glasses I mentioned? The postal service must really like me because against all odds mine somehow arrived the day before the movie showing, and I'm in love. As far as I'm concerned I watched a 2D movie, it was great. So if you aren't fond of 3D, or 3D gives you headaches, the glasses are worth a look.

And now, Iron Man 3. :D )
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For two weeks I kept putting off posting about various things that popped into my head, and now that I've actually sat down to post all I can think of posting is the thing that prompted me to sit down today. Welcome to my brain, it responds to 'swiss cheese' when called.

I signed up to do a thing that requires some non-MCU Avengers knowledge so I thought hey, I'll just read some comics! Ha. Hahahaha. Let's just say acquiring them was the easy part. I sort of decided where to jump in overall (because decades of comics, wat) but beyond that... where do I even start, and in what order, and just. Welp. So, in familiar failboat fashion, I'm procrastinating by reading Deadpool instead. GOLDSTAR.

Someone recced me Cable & Deadpool which was awesome and gave me Bob who is so ridiculous I can't even. Bob<3. I'm now reading the post-C&D volume of Deadpool which I wasn't impressed with initially but I soldiered on regardless. I'm pleased that it's gotten a bit better, and earlier today I got to issue 29 which features Steve Rogers and um, this happened.

'I'll sit on your lap.'* )

STEVE'S LITTLE BLUSH WHEN HE SAYS, "I'LL SIT ON YOUR LAP". I died, oh my god. (Deadpool is referring to his acquisition of the fireworks in the flashback panel but I can't help agree. Cap sitting on his lap? GENIUS.)

And now I'm going to retire to the couch with the tablet and enjoy the rest of my day off. There's an old Big Bang by valtyr that's calling my name.
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Iron Man 3, UK trailer. Two minutes and thirty seconds of awesome.

There were things I was going to do this evening but I think I'll just rewatch this forever instead.