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Thing the first! [ profile] merlinbb_rpf has concluded posting. \o/ I haven't had a chance to read them all yet, but the ones I have read were excellent and you should head over there and delve into all the goodness.

Thing the second! Livejournal plans on changing the friends page, doing away with custom layouts and whatnot. (Relevant information here and here.) This has sparked another mini flist exodus and you guys, there are barely 35 new entries on my friends page over night as it is, and that's counting communities. :( I really, really don't want to lose touch with anyone, so I dusted off my Dreamwidth account.

Add me! -> moonie. Or point me to yours.

I'll be crossposting future entries (with commenting enabled on both sites) and read both my friends pages, don't worry. I created a reading filter on DW that filters out crossposters so I won't get confused by duplicate entries which should help me not miss anything. \o/

As long as there's a fannish presence on Livejournal, not to mention part of my flist, I can't see myself leaving, but I figure it can't hurt to be prepared for the day Livejournal ruins itself for us completely.

In case you're also thinking about switching, or at least want to get more familiar with Dreamwidth, there's a multi-fandom friending meme happening that's at a mind-boggling 1109 comments right now. I met quite a few new people over there.

LiveJournal DreamWidth
friending meme
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» It's the last day of a glorious four-day weekend which was mostly spent lazing around, catching up on tv stuffs (Game of Thrones, Awake, Teen Wolf), reading fic (Glomp Fest, miniBANG, and some other things to my To Read list), and eating ice cream sandwiches (all gone now, no more brain freeze, whew).

» The miniBANG we hosted at [ profile] merlinbb_rpf has started posting! So if you're into Merlin RPF, head over there and check that out. :D As for the Big Bang, sign-ups are just around the corner (May 7th!) and Gwyn is currently working on the pimp graphics while I prep the FAQ and How To and whatnot. With the show most likely ending this year it's probably going to be the last round. Here's hoping we go out with bang. (I'm so ashamed of that pun.)

» Brief comment about Supernatural 7.20. )

» Yep, still in love with the spoiler cut.

» omg you guise, Teen Wolf. I watched all 12 episodes of season one in under 24 hours. NO REGRETS. That show is absolutely ridiculous and I love it. It's a bit confusing to my shipping heart because I kind of liked all the characters but somehow didn't immediately have an OTP. I always have an OTP! Five seconds in! Whaaat. I think I'm sort of flirting with Derek/Stiles, though? So uh, if you have any recs for that, or could point me into the direction of your trusty TW reccer, that would be fab. That reminds me, same counts for Being Human, Hal/Tom. I tuned back in now that they basically re-started with a new cast and loved the season. I've been meaning to check out some Hal/Tom fic, but I'm floundering a bit, not knowing where to start. Any recs or links to reccers would be greatly appreciated. :)

» Bees. I don't mind bees in general, but somehow one mother of a bee made it into my apartment yesterday. And it was pissed. I got so scared I almost killed it, but then I sucked it up and managed to throw it out without harm to either of us. Gah! Gotta remember to check the fly screens for holes.

» As for personal stuff, I'm doing okay. Still dealing with some things but when am I not. Work is alright, about to become a bit quiet when my dad goes on vacation for a couple of weeks. I wish I could go with, could use some of that Serbian quiet right about now, but I don't have anyone I trust to look after the guinea pigs. Oh well. It could be worse, all of it, so I don't want to complain too much.

» Aaand we're done! Aren't you glad. ;)
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Merlin recs


Untitled by yumribbun@tumblr
Comments Beautiful sketch of Arthur and Merlin, modern AU style.

Untitled by avali@tumblr
Comments Arthur in the rain, wearing armor. I want to know who commissioned this just so I can thank them profusely for allowing the artist to share this with the rest of us.

Embrace by [ profile] enednoviel
Comments Pencil drawing. Arthur embracing Merlin. Very nice.

What Colin Does by thefanboyfiles@tumblr
Comments A graphic from the "What X Thinks Y Does" series that made the rounds. Goes, "What friends think I do", "What my mom thinks I do", accompanied by pictures. I highly approve of the last one, "What I really do". ;)

FICTION (All Merlin/Arthur.)

Fundamental Imperfection @ AO3 by [ profile] starlingthefool (R, 12k)
Summary In which an argument about Dickens leads to a Twitter scandal, broken bones, midnight conversations, and transatlantic longing. (Or, an AU with Arthur and Merlin as moderately famous authors.)

Something Yellow This Time (@AO3) by [ profile] giselleslash (PG, 3.8k)
Summary Merlin owns a flower shop. Arthur is a frequent customer with a tragic love life.

Every Story is a Love Story (@AO3) by [ profile] lady_ragnell (NC-17, 24.6k)
Summary Camelot Publishing publishes romance novels, and when Arthur founds a new imprint of gay romance and invites his best friend and pet writer Merlin to write for it, it's a bit too easy to miss the fact that apparently he's living in one.

Can't Buy Me Love (@AO3) by [ profile] shes_gone (NC-17, 20k)
Summary In which it's 1964, Camelot is an advertising agency with a budget problem, Merlin is a copywriter who loves to twist, and Arthur is a junior partner who loves to shout. More or less.

Being with You @ AO3 by [ profile] ella_bane (NC-17, 12.5k)
Summary Merlin is gay. Arthur isn't. When they meet, their mutual attraction can't be denied. But then it is. Sexy times and angsty times ensue. And it all happens in less than a day.

Stumble Into Faith (@AO3) by [ profile] leashy_bebes (R, 4.5k)
Summary Arthur returns from a deadly mission, and Merlin is concerned.

Question: how do you guys define "modern AU"? Do you count any AUs set in modern times, or...? Because I found that for myself I define it as set in modern times and with a certain dynamic, that being: Arthur as a business man, Uther as his boss, Daddy Issues Of Some Sort, and most of the supporting cast star as friends or employees. Anything else I would call "AU". Am I doing it wrong? What's the general consensus here.
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Thanks for the hearts, you guys! Unfortunately I missed the window to send some myself, so this one's for you. ♥

I did a thing! Two things, really. The Archive of Our Own has RSS feeds for each fandom now. I like to get the updates on my friends page so I created [ profile] ao3merlinrpf and [ profile] ao3bbcsherlock, and I see somebody else created [ profile] ao3_merlin_feed, yay! They update in bursts, and sometimes they fail to update (LJ's fault), but overall they're pretty handy.

Seeing as Merlin and Sherlock are both pretty active fandoms the feeds are kind of high-traffic and your friends page might get a bit cluttered at times. There's an easy solution to that, though: filtering! Add ?show=P,C to your friends page URL and you only see posts made my users (P) and to communities (C). To see only your feeds add ?show=Y. Ta-da! I added the links to my sidebar, easy peasy.

I wish the AO3 offered pairing feeds, and hopefully they will at some point. Until then, if you're on Twitter and want to be notified whenever someone uploads a new John/Sherlock fic to the AO3, follow @ao3johnsherlock. It checks for updates every fifteen minutes and tweets the title, author and link of new works. \o/

Would anyone be interested in a Twitter account like that for Merlin/Arthur? I haven't made one yet because a) I've run out of email addresses (Twitter only allows one account per address, boo) and b) ugh, lazy. But if anyone else is interested let me know! I could use the incentive.

eta; I almost forgot! [ profile] lil_lollypop36 has a shop at Redbubble now and the first two chibis she put up are Bradley/Colin chibis. I... don't think I have the self control to resist buying this on a shirt. Gaaah!
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Okay, so the weekly recs schedule is a bust. But I haven't forgotten about it!



When Morning Comes (@AO3) by [ profile] starlingthefool (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 9k)
Summary: If life were fair, anyone who managed to survive the apocalypse would be given a fuzzy blanket, some tea, and a nice bed to hide under and weep. Life is not fair, obviously, and there's no actual end to the end of the world. Instead, there's grief and pain and mud and death, there are minor miracles, and there's the love that gets you out of bed in the morning, despite everything. Life goes on.
Comments: Never fear, this was written for the Happy Endings Fest. ;) This fic is angsty as hell, but so well done. Loved it!

Like It's 1999 at [ profile] kinkme_merlin (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 12k)
Summary Being fuckbuddies goes well for an entire semester.
Comments Merlin, being stupid about his ~feelings, suggests a bet: whoever fucks the most people in a week wins. I'm particularly fond of the Merlin/Elena/Arthur threesome, nom.

Power of Blood (@AO3) by [ profile] chicago_ruth (Canon AU, Merlin/Arthur, 3k)
Summary The druids and Camelot are at war, and Merlin discovers that Arthur's blood carries a secret.
Comments Non-con, slavery, mind control, and yes, Merlin does all those things to Arthur. Very dark and twisted, very well done. The ending wasn't as dark as I'd expected it to be, but it's nowhere near a happy one, obviously. Make sure to have some fluff on hand, you may need it afterwards.

Brolin in the Theater (@AO3) by [ profile] slantedknitting (RPF, Bradey/Colin, 2k)
Summary Bradley takes Colin on a date, but Colin doesn't know.
Comments Bradley tries really hard, Colin is completely clueless, but it works out in the end. Cute and fluffy. (No skipping this just because it has brolin in the title! I'm looking at you.)

Thicker Than Water (@AO3) by [ profile] fuzzytomato02 (Modern AU, Merlin/Arthur, 8k)
Summary Every year, the youngest Holmes, Merlin, invites his two older brothers to his holiday party. Every year, neither Sherlock nor Mycroft show up. This year, John finds Sherlock’s invite and needles Sherlock into going to see his (until then unknown) baby brother.
Comments Perfect Merlin/Sherlock fusion. Merlin as Sherlock's younger brother makes so much sense I can't even. This fic fills me with such glee, and it just so happens to be a great segue into the next part of this recs posts...


So, The Reichenbach Fall happened and I got a bit obsessed with Sherlock. /o\ No, no, it's fine! It's all fine. This is just a phase, I'm just uh, catching up. How prolific can a fandom be when there's only three episodes every year or so, right? Wrong. Oh god, so much fic. So much fic. And the art, the art, you guys. There's so much humor in it, comics and everything. I reach my daily giggles quota just from looking at Sherlock fandom on Tumblr these days. (Oh, the shame.)

Unfortunately the day is drawing to a close and I have um, a surprising amount of Sherlock fic in my rec queue already which would take forever to put together. So I'll leave you with a few vid recs and post the fic recs in a separate entry. Tomorrow, hopefully. Maybe. I'll try!


Arrival of the Birds @ YouTube
Comments John & Sherlock. My brother has the brain of a scientist or a philosopher, yet he elects to be a detective. What might we deduce about his heart? Beautiful, beautiful vid. I'm in love with the quiet black-and-white moments.

Will you do this for me? @ YouTube
Comments John & Sherlock. This vid gives me all the feelings. The reach for the tissues with a trembling hand kind, mostly. Oh, my heart. Oh, this show.

Runs in the Family @ Vimeo
Comments Ensemble. I must have watched this a dozen times. The song gripped me immediately, and it's just a nicely edited vid.

Remember the Stronger @ YouTube
Comments Sherlock centric. This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name. Indeed. *g* I love this for the eee, Sherlock! glee it gives me.