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» It's the last day of a glorious four-day weekend which was mostly spent lazing around, catching up on tv stuffs (Game of Thrones, Awake, Teen Wolf), reading fic (Glomp Fest, miniBANG, and some other things to my To Read list), and eating ice cream sandwiches (all gone now, no more brain freeze, whew).

» The miniBANG we hosted at [ profile] merlinbb_rpf has started posting! So if you're into Merlin RPF, head over there and check that out. :D As for the Big Bang, sign-ups are just around the corner (May 7th!) and Gwyn is currently working on the pimp graphics while I prep the FAQ and How To and whatnot. With the show most likely ending this year it's probably going to be the last round. Here's hoping we go out with bang. (I'm so ashamed of that pun.)

» Brief comment about Supernatural 7.20. )

» Yep, still in love with the spoiler cut.

» omg you guise, Teen Wolf. I watched all 12 episodes of season one in under 24 hours. NO REGRETS. That show is absolutely ridiculous and I love it. It's a bit confusing to my shipping heart because I kind of liked all the characters but somehow didn't immediately have an OTP. I always have an OTP! Five seconds in! Whaaat. I think I'm sort of flirting with Derek/Stiles, though? So uh, if you have any recs for that, or could point me into the direction of your trusty TW reccer, that would be fab. That reminds me, same counts for Being Human, Hal/Tom. I tuned back in now that they basically re-started with a new cast and loved the season. I've been meaning to check out some Hal/Tom fic, but I'm floundering a bit, not knowing where to start. Any recs or links to reccers would be greatly appreciated. :)

» Bees. I don't mind bees in general, but somehow one mother of a bee made it into my apartment yesterday. And it was pissed. I got so scared I almost killed it, but then I sucked it up and managed to throw it out without harm to either of us. Gah! Gotta remember to check the fly screens for holes.

» As for personal stuff, I'm doing okay. Still dealing with some things but when am I not. Work is alright, about to become a bit quiet when my dad goes on vacation for a couple of weeks. I wish I could go with, could use some of that Serbian quiet right about now, but I don't have anyone I trust to look after the guinea pigs. Oh well. It could be worse, all of it, so I don't want to complain too much.

» Aaand we're done! Aren't you glad. ;)
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Supernatural con in LA last weekend! I've been flailing over pictures but couldn't keep up with reports and then, ZAP2IT TO THE RESCUE. (Their SPN coverage in general is a life saver, seriously.) Overheard at the Convention lists the most notable con quotes and oh god, I'm dying. It was difficult to pick a favorite because it's all gold, basically, but then I remembered my J2 love so, page 16 it is.

Fan: "Jensen, what's the best part of being a fan of the show you're on?"
Jared: "He knows the stars."
Jensen: "I get to sleep with one!"
Jared: "He means because he is one."

Nice save, Mr. Padalecki. ;)
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» One of my fave [ profile] kinkme_merlin WIPs has just been completed. \o/

A New Low, Arthur/Merlin. I suck at summaries but basically, Merlin is diabetic and gets stuck in a lift. Arthur, who is stuck in the elevator with Merlin, ends up saving his life and then sort of keeps hovering around Merlin to make sure he doesn't almost die again. Merlin isn't amused; at first, anyway. ADORABLE FLUFF FTW.

» Vid rec: Undisclosed Desires by [ profile] elen_ancalima, Arthur/Merlin. Oh, boys. <3

» Supernatural is back! )

» Thanks to the most recent Write All The Words challenge I now know that there are two (!) long (!!) Bradley/Colin (!!!) fics in the works; nay, almost finished. I am not ashamed to admit that this makes my world a better place. :D
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Harder to Breathe
Fandom: SPN
Rating: NC-17
Note: The full disclaimer can be found at the end of the story because it gives too much away.

Story. )

Disclaimer. )