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Warm Comfort

Pairing: Bradley/Colin (Merlin RPF)
Rating: PG
Word count: 539
Genre: h/c, fluff
Beta: [ profile] nu_breed
Off-LJ: AO3
Disclaimer: The characters herein are based on real people (actors), but the events are entirely fictitious. No libel intended. For entertainment purposes only.

Summary: Colin returns home to a sick Bradley after attending the event at Warwick Castle.

Bradley wakes to a distant rattling of keys and his hair flattened to his forehead in a sweaty mess. )
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Notes: Written for [ profile] franticsga's Sex Is Not The Enemy Fest (multi-fandom) and inspired by this picture (NSFW). // If the thought of a man sucking his own cock squicks you, this fic is not for you. // Many thanks to [ profile] zafra for beta and [ profile] sheswatching for encouragement. ♥

Sex Is Not The Enemy
Merlin RPF, Bradley/Colin, NC-17, ~2500 words, AO3

"There's no shame in this," Colin says as if he can read Bradley's mind. "If you like it, if it feels right. It's nothing you need be embarrassed for." )
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Harder to Breathe
Fandom: SPN
Rating: NC-17
Note: The full disclaimer can be found at the end of the story because it gives too much away.

Story. )

Disclaimer. )
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Author: Moonie
Pairing: Paul Bettany/Jake Gyllenhaal/Heath Ledger
Rating: NC-17
Notes: My thanks to [ profile] mistresstoast for holding my hand, beta and the title! <3

Fraternizing at Noon )