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» The surgery went well and after recuperating at the parents' place for a while, I'm heading home tomorrow. My blood results were a bit funky but I feel alright, so hopefully that's just normal post-surgery funkiness and they'll be back to normal when we do another check on the 13th. Especially seeing as I have a plane ticket for the 16th, meep. (But mostly because I'd like my liver to be okay.)

» If I feel well on Wednesday I might go see Iron Man 3. EXCITING. (Downside: it's a 3D showing and my 2D Glasses won't reach me in time.) Now I just need to somehow stay unspoiled until then. Be nice, Tumblr.

» Psych is making me wibbly. 707 onwards. )

» Supernatural is making me flaily. 820 Pac-Man Fever. )

» Everything is Elementary and nothing hurts. That's literally all I got. I'm completely besotted with that show, and this wait for new episodes is torture.

» And now I shall continue getting absolutely nothing done. I had plans! Beautiful plans progressing fannish projects! But this laptop is sucking the productivity right out of me. I just can't seem to establish a workflow that works for me. All I've one for the past two weeks is watch my shows, read some fic, cook meals, and play Candy Crush. :/
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» Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr spent the day together. They even touched and Chris smiled dopeyly at RDJ and everything. Life is beautiful and nothing hurts—except the lack of RPF in Avengers fandom. Why do you insist on hurting me, fandom, why?

» Have just subscribed to the wrong story on AO3 for the umpteenth time. Can someone please fix that stupid bug? (To recreate: log out. Open story A in one tab, story B in another. Go back to tab A and log in. The logged in page that loads will display story B. If you don't pay attention you subscribe to the wrong story. Which is probably where the "y u sub to completed stories, silly?" confusion comes from.)

» Help, I've fallen into Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and can't get up. There are three episodes left of season one and my only complaint so far: not enough Bruce. I'm just not a Hulk person, I guess. Jan is my favorite, and I want to make sweet love to Tony's voice actor. I'm also really liking Hank but I have the feeling they're about to crank up the drama so I'm prepared to have my heart broken.

» I'm also mainlining Elementary. You've won, everyone in the entire universe. You've won. I'm on episode eight and like it well enough so far. I hope you're happy.
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Can we talk about a "notify me upon completion" subscription, AO3? I wouldn't have to delete so many useless emails, your servers would probably appreciate the break, happy endings all around! (Pretty please?) (Let's not talk about how I have somehow managed to stop falling into the WIP trap on AO3 while kink meme WIPs still get me every time. Every time. *weeps*)

Suits finale tomorrow. This season has been amazing all around and it's bound to end with a bang. Nngh, gimme. Whatever happens, there had better be a lot of Donna. I have such a crush on that character, oh my god. *hearteyes*

Speaking of finales, I went into this week's episode of Primeval not knowing that that was it for season one, aaah. Spoilersss! ) Primeval and I have a complicated relationship. It gives me so-and-so acting, hit-and-miss writing and cliched directing. Honestly, I'm convinced it's made by newbies who are determined to hit every single pothole imaginable. (I'm too chicken to look that up--what if I'm wrong and these people should know what they're doing! the horror.) But it also gives me dinosaurs, Niall Matter's face, Miranda Frigon's eyes, and the possibility of Colin Ferguson guest starring again. So. There's going to be a second season, right? Don't let me down, Canada!