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Thing the first! [ profile] merlinbb_rpf has concluded posting. \o/ I haven't had a chance to read them all yet, but the ones I have read were excellent and you should head over there and delve into all the goodness.

Thing the second! Livejournal plans on changing the friends page, doing away with custom layouts and whatnot. (Relevant information here and here.) This has sparked another mini flist exodus and you guys, there are barely 35 new entries on my friends page over night as it is, and that's counting communities. :( I really, really don't want to lose touch with anyone, so I dusted off my Dreamwidth account.

Add me! -> moonie. Or point me to yours.

I'll be crossposting future entries (with commenting enabled on both sites) and read both my friends pages, don't worry. I created a reading filter on DW that filters out crossposters so I won't get confused by duplicate entries which should help me not miss anything. \o/

As long as there's a fannish presence on Livejournal, not to mention part of my flist, I can't see myself leaving, but I figure it can't hurt to be prepared for the day Livejournal ruins itself for us completely.

In case you're also thinking about switching, or at least want to get more familiar with Dreamwidth, there's a multi-fandom friending meme happening that's at a mind-boggling 1109 comments right now. I met quite a few new people over there.

LiveJournal DreamWidth
friending meme
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» It's the last day of a glorious four-day weekend which was mostly spent lazing around, catching up on tv stuffs (Game of Thrones, Awake, Teen Wolf), reading fic (Glomp Fest, miniBANG, and some other things to my To Read list), and eating ice cream sandwiches (all gone now, no more brain freeze, whew).

» The miniBANG we hosted at [ profile] merlinbb_rpf has started posting! So if you're into Merlin RPF, head over there and check that out. :D As for the Big Bang, sign-ups are just around the corner (May 7th!) and Gwyn is currently working on the pimp graphics while I prep the FAQ and How To and whatnot. With the show most likely ending this year it's probably going to be the last round. Here's hoping we go out with bang. (I'm so ashamed of that pun.)

» Brief comment about Supernatural 7.20. )

» Yep, still in love with the spoiler cut.

» omg you guise, Teen Wolf. I watched all 12 episodes of season one in under 24 hours. NO REGRETS. That show is absolutely ridiculous and I love it. It's a bit confusing to my shipping heart because I kind of liked all the characters but somehow didn't immediately have an OTP. I always have an OTP! Five seconds in! Whaaat. I think I'm sort of flirting with Derek/Stiles, though? So uh, if you have any recs for that, or could point me into the direction of your trusty TW reccer, that would be fab. That reminds me, same counts for Being Human, Hal/Tom. I tuned back in now that they basically re-started with a new cast and loved the season. I've been meaning to check out some Hal/Tom fic, but I'm floundering a bit, not knowing where to start. Any recs or links to reccers would be greatly appreciated. :)

» Bees. I don't mind bees in general, but somehow one mother of a bee made it into my apartment yesterday. And it was pissed. I got so scared I almost killed it, but then I sucked it up and managed to throw it out without harm to either of us. Gah! Gotta remember to check the fly screens for holes.

» As for personal stuff, I'm doing okay. Still dealing with some things but when am I not. Work is alright, about to become a bit quiet when my dad goes on vacation for a couple of weeks. I wish I could go with, could use some of that Serbian quiet right about now, but I don't have anyone I trust to look after the guinea pigs. Oh well. It could be worse, all of it, so I don't want to complain too much.

» Aaand we're done! Aren't you glad. ;)
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I'm in the process of re-organizing my Pinboard bookmarks. Right now most of the links go to Livejournal entries. My next project will be to download/back up all the fic to my ebook reader, though, so I'm hunting for AO3 accounts and changing all the links to AO3. Needless to say that's going to take forever. But it's worth the work, especially now that I have an archival account at Pinboard. It archives AO3 pages perfectly and thanks to the "view entire work" option on the AO3 I no longer have to bookmark multiple parts just so Pinboard can grab everything, hooray! In short: if you have an AO3 account, I love you extra special. *g*

Uh, not that that's why I started this entry. I wanted to prod you about tagging. Since I'm going through all my bookmarks I want to get this right, and I'm worried I'll forget adding important tags, argh. Right now I'm adding tags for:

* events, meaning challenges or fests, eg. event:paperlegends
* fandom
* host, which will make it easier to hunt for AO3 alternatives in the future, eg. host:lj
* keyword, this includes kinks, tropes, and the like, eg. keyword:hurt/comfort
* medium, meaning fic, art, vid
* pairing
* setting, meaning AU, canon, etc.
* word count, which I divided into categories, eg. words(3):2k-4.9k

I format the bookmark titles "author: story title", so I can locate authors and stories via the search function. The description format is "word count. rating. author summary". I'm also adding my own summary in ( ) if the author summary is too nondescript. Oh, and author warnings if there are any, mostly for people browsing by.

Is there anything you tag for that I left out? Any "keywords" that are important to you? My instinct is to not tag for m/m, for example, since that's true for most of the stories I bookmark. Instead I thought I'd tag for het and moresomes, but I'm not sure if that's the right approach, hrm.

Oh, and one more thing: Hey there, beautiful. It works in the comments, too! How brilliant is that? :D I can't even think why I would use the regular lj-cut anymore. The spoiler tag doesn't require leaving the page, that's great even when you cut for length. Bwee! A useful LJ addition at last.
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Graphic by hermette who saved you all from my own fugly efforts.

# Leave a prompt (one prompt per comment).

# Fill a prompt (logged in or anon, fic or art).

# Rejoice in the B/C love!

Pimp? Copy/paste/post!

Multiple fills are love! :)

Artists, there's no need to feel shy. Even if a prompt doesn't ask for art specifically, if it inspires you, go for it! Perhaps your fill will inspire a writer in turn. Ooh, or you could illustrate a fill; leave art as a prompt, even! So many possibilities. \o/

master list of awesome )