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This account has been a back-up but that will soon change as I start cross-posting to Livejournal from here. I'm currently sorting out my DW reading filters so I won't have to wade through double-posts but also won't miss anything on either friends list. (Basically, if you cross-post to Livejournal I read you there, if you don't you're on my reading filter here. It's a pain to set up but worth it in the end.) If I add you here on Dreamwidth, hi! We either know each other from Livejournal or you seemed interesting and I'd like to get to know you. :)

Speaking of making connections, the way I handle the subscription/access split is thus: I treat it like friending on LJ. I'm here to make connections, be it because we have fandoms in common, I like your fic or icons, or because your entries interest me. That's why I will always give access and subscribe, and hope for the same in return. That said, if you don't give access back I'll most likely revoke yours eventually, but you're welcome to change your mind any time.